The Eisch family has a 300-year history of quality glass blowing - being involved in the tradition of glassmaking since 1689. The Eisch glass factory is located in the Bavarian Forest, just outside the city of Munich, Germany, founded in 1946 by Valentin Eisch. Through the subsequent years, Eisch has continued to grow; accumulating recognition and awards for the quality of the glass products they produce. Today Eisch continues to explore new and innovative techniques in glassworks for the benefit of the wine enthusiast.
Who is not familiar with the following after pouring typically a red wine, drops of the red wine run down the outside of the decanter leaving unsightly stains on the tablecloth, clothing and on the decanter itself.


The Eisch family has a 300-year history of glassmaking. The company is located in Frauenau; deep in the Bavarian Forest, 2 hours drive north-east from the city of Munich in Germany. For the Eisch family, a wine glass is more than just a simple article for daily use. A well crafted glass combines imagination, nature, art and culture. Eisch uses many skills with traditional and modern techniques, to craft glasses which serve as a decorative companion to the beauty of life and a functional vessel to appreciate the characters in wine.
Eisch glasses are as functional as they are beautiful, thanks to over 300 years of experience in glassmaking. Over the past 4 decades, wine glass development has predominantly focused on finding the ideal shape that brings out grape varietal characteristics.


The Eisch family glassworks was founded in Frauenau, deep in the Bavarian Forest outside the city of Munich in Germany. The glassmaking tradition of the Eisch family dates back over 300 years to Mathias Alesch; who was born in the Bohemian Forest in 1689, and who worked at a small glassworks factory.
In 1914, Valentin Eisch founder of the Eisch glass factory; worked as a master engraver at the crystal glass factory of Counsellor of Commerce Isidor Gistl. In 1946 he started his own glass refining factory with his wife Therese, in order to build a more secure future for their six children. The existing glass factories in the Bavarian Forest feared growing competition, which they tried to prevent; by blocking raw glass deliveries to the Eisch factory.


Riedel Stemware - 'Grape Specific'

The world’s first ‘grape specific’ wine glass.

The Riedel family has never stamped its name on a single bottle of wine. But over the past 50 years, this Austrian company of master glassmakers has done more to enhance the appreciation of wine than almost any winemaking dynasty.
Working with experienced tasters, Riedel crafted grape specific wine glasses that showed more depth and better balance than when served in other glasses. Claus Josef Riedel (1925-2004) laid the groundwork for stemware which was functional as well as beautiful, and made according to the Bauhaus design principle - where form follows function.